My Hobby

My hobby is spotting Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin lamp in the background on Japanese television. What's yours?

I watched all of these legally, of course! I just superimposed logos of various shady streaming sites on these screenshots ironically.

Miscellaneous sightings

The lamp is visible for a split second in the trailer for the movie Unforgettable. Don't worry if you missed it, no one has seen that movie. This is why I'm here to tell you these things.

Sadly I have yet to come face to face with the real thing, but I did happen to spot the little version through the window of a random apartment building as I was walking down the street one evening in Tokyo.

I was getting some strange looks from people, as photographing designer furniture through people's windows is apparently not the done thing there, so I didn't hang around to get a better picture.

One day I hope to make another pilgrimage to 自由学園明日館 and arrive before closing time.


If you would like to dress or decorate your house like the characters in 結婚出来ない男, check out this handy list of products. And if you are interested in visiting the shooting locations, there's a list of those as well.